Terracotta Wine List

Giancarmine & Dini welcome you to The Terracotta Restaurant.

Our menu offers something for everyone, with wide range of both modern and classic Italian dishes, prepared in our kitchen using only the finest ingredient.
The extensive menu is complemented by our personally selected wine list. After tasting literally hundreds of wines over the years we only approve a handful for consideration. We taste the bad wines so you don’t have too.
We hope you get as much pleasure drinking our wines and eating our food as we do…


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                                PERONI Drought


                                  Pint            £ 5.50           half Pint   £ 3.45 






                               (TONIC, SLIM LINE TONIC, GINGER ALE, SODA,)   £2


MINERAL WATER,(ITALIAN) SPARKLING/STILL                     £ 3.45

                     SPRIRIT & COGNAC

SPIRITS           (35 ml) £   3.60

Vermouth (50 ml) £   3.80

Sherry            (50 ml) £   3.80

Port (50 ml) £   3.80

Liquors           (35 ml) £   3.60

Malt Whisky     (35 ml) £   5.70

Cognac            (35 ml) £   4.20

X O Cognac      (35 ml) £   7.90

Limoncello      (35 ml) £   3.60

Sambuca           (35 ml) £   3.60

All Mixer                                                                                £   5.45


HOUSE GRAPPA                                                                          £3.50

SPECIALS GRAPPA                                                                    £4.10

RESERVE GRAPPA                                                                      £6.20







Barbera d’Alba DOC 2008 13%   £ 30.50

                       This wine has a dry, warm, full-bodied flavour. After a reasonable period of ageing

                       it becomes fully balanced, soft and velvety. A ruby red colour which tends to garnet

                       on ageing with an intense vinous and fruity bouquet. Goes well with flavoursome

                       soups, white meat and fowl in aromatic stews, grilled red meat, fish, soups and

                       medium mature cheese.

                        Red: 100% Barbera

Cabernet Sauvignon DOC 2008 12.5% £ 22.50

                Rich garnet-red in colour, elegant spice on the nose with hints of green pepper.

                Enveloping on the palate with a good tannin grip, good and elegant in the structure.

                Red: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

 Aglianico  doc                                     13.0%  £ 32.50

                  A medium-bodied dense ruby/purple red wine that makes attractive drinking as

                    a young wine. A bright dark cherry red with spicy aromas of ripe red berries, violets

                    and a slight gamy character. A young easy-to-drink style of wine, it has soft berry

                    flavours and subtle oak characters. It has a delightful finish.

                    Red: 100% Aglianico

  Merlot DOC 2009 12.5%    £  28.80

                  Intense ruby-red in colour whilst spicy on the nose, with hints of red

                  summer fruits. Enveloping on the palate with a well-balanced structure.

                  Red: 100% Merlot

Montepulciano d ‘Abruzzo 13%            £ 25.50

            Lush-ruby with hints of purple. Lingering fruit aromas, dry, well-balanced and

            delightfully tannin with concentrated berry flavours. A perfect accompaniment

            to grilled meats, rich pasta dishes and vegetarian entrees.

            Red: 100% Montepulciano

 Valpolicella Classico  12.5%              £ 29.80

                   Beautifully intense red in colour. A bouquet with shades of red berries balanced

                   with sweet spice notes. On the palate, the wine is bold and balanced with optimal

                   length. Ideal with full flavoured pasta and game, grilled meats and mature cheeses.

                   Red: 60% Corvina Veronese 20% Corvinone Veronese 10% Rondinella 10% Molinara

Chianti DOCG Case Sparse 2009 13%  £ 35.50

                      Dry ruby red colour, fruity and full-bodied with elegant notes of spice.

                      This wine goes well with Tuscan salami, mature pecorino and red meat dishes.

                      Red:90% Sangiovese 10% Canaiolo


  House wine red   12.50%  £18.95      BY GLASS £ 4.90

                                  The grapes used to make this excellent daily table wine are

                                   merlot (50%), corvina (30%) and corvinone (20%), grown on the

                                   hills of Montecchia and picked in late September and early October.

                                   After pressing and removal of the stalks, the grapes are fermented in

                                   steel vats and pumped over as required.

                                   The wine’s colour is ruby red, has a forest fruits and cherry bouquet,

                                   has good body and is to the taste both smooth and harmonious with a

                                   hint of vegetable.  


 House Rose  12%    £ 19.95   By Glass £4.90

The red Corvina and Merlot grapes used to make this wine, a fragrant fresh fruity

wine is obtained, with a full-bodied and harmonious taste with pleasantly fruity notes.

excellent as aperitif, it also goes well with pasta and rice dishes based on fish or white meat 


 Pinot Grigio DOC   2010    13.5%    £ 25.50

                Golden-yellow in colour with a fresh and aromatic nose developing

                 hints of wild rose and honey. Delicate yet crisp and elegant on the

                 palate with a persistent finish.

                  White: 100% Pinot Grigio

Soave Classico DOC    2009 12.5%   £ 21.20

             Soave Classico is designed to be drunk a year or two after the vintage.

                Fresh, flowery and a light-yeasty nose. The palate is pleasant, textured and juicy

                showing zesty intensity and a hint of almond. Crispy, incisive and mineral finish.

                Soave is good with mild cheeses, salads, grilled vegetables or delicate fish dishes.

                 White:100% Garganega

Frascati Superiore DOC  2010  12.5%     £ 22.10

            Light straw-yellow with a delicate lemony nose. On the palate it is clean and well-balanced

            with hints of lemons, peaches and honey. Ideal with aperitifs,white meats, fish and salad.

            White: 50% Trebbiano 50% Malvasia

  Gavi Del Comune Di Gavi DOCG    12.50 % £ 39.70

             Pale, straw-yellow with greenish highlights. The bouquet is fresh with citrus aroma.

             Truly refreshing in the mouth, pleasant and dry. Perfect as an aperitif.

               Suitable with seafood and white meats, excellent with pasta and pizza.

                White: 100% Cortese

Falanghina  DOC 12.5%                                        £27.80

         Medium yellow colour with greenish reflections, it has a rich and intense bouquet with

         hints of apple, pineapple and citrus fruits. It is fresh and clean in the mouth with

         excellent acidity and good structure.

         White: 100% Falanghina

  PECORINO  DOC                                         12.50%   £ 29.50

              Straw-gold with delicate greenish tints. Fresh and pleasant on the nose with lingering

             citrus notes. Full, crisp, dry and harmonious. This wine is an ideal companion to cold

              appetizers, veal dishes and pork.

              White: 100% Pecorino d’Abruzzo

Verdicchio Classico Castelli di Jesi DCOG12%£27.80

             A light-yellow coloured wine, very elegant with floral notes of white thorn, exotic fruits

             and green apple.These evolve into scents of toasted hazelnut and honey which are

             evident on the palate. The combination is perfect with all kinds of fish, preferably

             grilled or fried.

             White: 100% Verdicchio

  House wine white   12%       £ 18.95  By Glass £4.90

              A wine that goes with the whole meal, made from grapes grown

               in the area of Monteforte d’Alpone (70% garganega, 30% chardonnay)

                is straw yellow in colour, and has a floral and fruity bouquet reminiscent

                 of cherry and sweet apple blossom. To the taste it is fresh and lively, dry, quite persistent








Barolo Ornato is a big Barolo, deep round and austere with a remarkably long life,

the colour is intense and deep almost impenetrable  the palate is deep and rich,

showing good structure a long life. A single vineyards Barolo from very ripe grapes of three

different plots of the famous Pio’s Family-owned Ornato Estate in Serralunga d’Alba, one of the top vineyards in the whole Barolo area. This is a very rich Barolo, dense, with supple tannins, full concentrated ripe fruit, elegant and powerful, with an extremely long life. Produced in

small quantities and only in excellent vintages.  100 % Nebbiolo


BAROLO DOCG 2005 “PIO CESARE”                        £ 175.20

Barolo is the most fascinating of all the PIO CESARE wines and features an air of

aristocracy and domineering personality, the colour is intense glassy garnet, with orange reflections, the bouquet is ethereal, with hint of violets,, blackberry jam, liquorice and clove the palate is dry and austere with lengthy tannins. The wine ends with a long concentrated finish by lingering hints of almonds.   100% Nebbiolo


DUCA ENRICO DOC “SALAPARUTA                             £ 129.80

From Central and Eastern Sicily hinterland of Gulf of Gela came this 100% nero d’avola colour ruby red with garnet red highlights blend of ripe fruit, irises and spicy strong ,round well balanced with character, scents of wood blended perfectly. Duca Enrico is wine of great charm, which lends it complexity, style and longevity.


From 100% Insolia grapes colour golden yellow with greenish highlights aroma complex

and intense rich in sensations typical of ripe fruit enhanced by scents of vanilla and fruit and

nuts thanks to the evolution in wood baroques marked character well bodied harmoniously elegant and particularly persistent.

IL FALCONE  RISERVA   2004 DOC                 £ 49.50 From old vineyards of the hill “CASTEL del MONTE” area DOC in ANDRIA, came this NERO DI TROIA and MONTEPULCIANO dense garnet red in hue; complex  offering ripe fruit, leather tobacco leaf and spice, dry and austere but  very generous in the mouth, magisterial structure well balance wine. The weight and elegance of this wine makes it the perfect companion to fine roasts, large game, meats in hearty sauces, and aged cheeses. Serve at cool room temperature after allowing to breathe.



CANNONAU DI SARDEGNA DOC   13%        £ 39.90

Bright cherry to ruby-red with purple reflections and a good degree of fluidity. The bouquet  intense yet delicate with notes of berries, especially raspberries and black berries. The flavour is velvet and pleasingly tannin with good fruity tones, slightly warm and medium bodied. and a very long finish. Ideal with red meats, game and mature pecorino cheese.

Red:100% Cannonau


Amarone is a wine of antique pine-age. It has limited with grapes coming from the classic zone of Valpolicella. The grapes are hand picked, pressed and vinilield according to the age-old traditional method. Its flavour is dry and pleasant with a characteristic perfume, deep pomegranate colour which is the result of prolonged ageing. This wine is produced only from the very best and rip est bunches of Valpolicella’s foremost grapes cultivated on terraces in the sunniest zones. A few days before harvesting, the healthiest bunches of grapes are rigorously selected then allowed to partially dry for three months; the dehydration enriches the berries’ sugar concentration.

Red: 75% corvina 25% rondinella

CHIANTI RISERVA “REDOLO”  DOCG      13%                        £ 42.70

From the Hill of Radda in Chianti one of the best zone came this Chianti Riserva REDOLO 2007 clear dark ruby colour with garnet tints a full complex bouquet with strong note of raspberry conserve and  hints of vanilla cinnamon and leather. The flavour is warm and savoury with elegant and lingering after taste of woodland to toasted almonds. 


FRESCOBALDI”                                                                         £ 375.00

The eye is immediately drawn to its pronounced ruby red tonality, dense but vividly clear. It exudes expansive, multi layered aromas, ripe fruit fragrances of dark cherry and dried plum melding into more pronounced, mine-rally essences of pencil lead and stone, while suggestions of tobacco leaf seem to bring and sense of balance and completeness. Pulpy fruit comes to the fore in the attack, with tannins that are expressive but not invasive, they ably balance a nice vein of crisp acidity that make the flavours sing. The long-lingering final flaunts a rich mosaic of nuanced flavours.

Red:100% Sangiovese Grosso

wine from Molise

Molise is situated in central-south Italy and stretches between the Apennines ridge and the Adriatic Sea. It is a small precious region sandwiched between Abruzzi at north and Puglia to the south, where Nature, History, Art, Old Traditions and Food and wine. Here cooling costal breezes help the grapes, montepulciano, aglianico, tintillia, biferno, retain their bright aromas, which make very particular and TERRACOTTA  like to introduce same of this great wine:


           Made from a selection of the best Tintilia grapes, which is an old native Molise variety.

            Full, mellow and velvety wine; a perfect blend of flavours like plum, undergrowth

            and hints of leather and liquorice, deep ruby red in colour with violet reflections.

            Ideal with rich dishes, especially white and red meats, game and ripe cheeses.

            Red: 100% Tintilla Molise  



The Contado is from 100% Aglianico grown on Italy’s south-eastern coast.

The grapes were harvested in late October/early November . Contado is ruby red

In colour with light garnet reflections. The full and intense bouquet reveals ample

amounts of mature fruit. The wine is soft and velvety on the palate and full-bodied,

     with balanced tannins and hints of almond in the lingering finish, along with                       blueberry, blackberry, graphite, and incense notes.

                RAMI FALANGHINA DOC 2011 13.15%  £32.40

      This cru is made from the best Falanghina grapes, grown in the Ramitello

      vineyard at Campomarino. Straw-yellow in colour, this wine is like a fresh

      bouquet, with a persistent character and hint of fruits,. It has a dry, mellow,

      ample and slightly acid flavour with a slight rear-taste of bitter almonds,

      which is typical of this wine.


* Acqua Marina:                                                                               £6.50

Vodka, cointreau, pineapple juice blue curacaos and prosecco

* Acapulco :                                                                  £5.50

Kahlua, tequila, cream, orange zest

Bellini:                                                                          £6.50

Peach puree and prosecco

Kir Royal:                                                                     £7.50

Cream of cassis and champagne

Cocktail Champagne:                                                    £7.50

Sugar, angostura, cognac, champagne

Martini:                                                                         £5.50

Gin dry o vodka your choice, martini dry olives

Margherita                                                                    £5.50

Tequila, triple sec, lemon juice

Negroni:                                                                        £6.10

Campari, martini rosso, dry gin

Woo                                                                              £5.50

Vodka, archers, cranberry juice


Bali beach:                                                                     £6.50

Pineapple juice, orange juice, grapefruit juice, peach juice, hint of

grenadine toped with tonic.

Surabaja  beach:                                                             £6.50

Pineapple juice, mango juice, kiwi puree coconut syrup

topped with soda

Virgin colada                                                                  £5.50

pineapple juice blended with coconut milk and cream



* The cocktails are creation of Giancarmine and winner in 1994

in cocktails competition on Italy @ “Drink Festival”


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