A few words about our Italian restaurant in the Kent towns:

Terracotta is open and raring to go:
Our concept is one of quality and Italian tradition, which will both shine through in the food,which is prepared from fresh, with local fresh produce and finest quality,and the atmosphere.

Why are we so confident? Because  Giancarmine who has been running restaurants for more than 25years, after conquering most of west London with his famous Italian Bar and Restaurant he is now concentrating on bringing his delightful culinary skills to Hythe, Kent.


In Italy we believe fine food and music is the way to any one’s heart, that’s what we offer you with a friendly intimate feel.


Booking a table is not compulsory but is strongly recommended.


To book a table please call (01303) 264888 or fill out the form below:

Opening Times:
Tues-Fri –  17:30-22:00

Lunch                                     Dinner

Sat –  12:30 – 15:00          18:00 – 22:00

Sun – 12:30 – 15:00           on demande

Terracotta Restaurant
22 High Street
CT21 5AT
(01303) 264888

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